Our App Feature


Scanning the QR Code Present on the Product.

Know Your Product

By scanning you will get the complete details of the Product from farmer to retailer.


And, Here comes reward for you. Everytime whenever you'll scan the qr code you will be rewarded a bitcoin.


India's First Organic Shop With Complete Traceability, Transparency & Trust is launching soon

Choose Authentic Vegetables with Organic Ledger

If we truly want to educate consumers on where their food comes from, we need to go beyond one-word marketing terms like organic, sustainable, net-zero carbon, slave labour free etc and lift the curtain in order to show people how the foods they eat, including organic products, are actually produced.

Earn Digital Assets as rewards for purchasing the products powered by Organic Ledger. Start by redeeming your Digital Assets to claim member-exclusive perks like shop at special prices on Organic Ledger store, claim exclusive rewards and cashback.