Empowering Farmers, Ensuring Authentic Organic Produce

Unleashing the Power of Technology to Empower the Organic Industry

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, Organic Ledger revolutionizes the organic industry, empowering farmers, producers, distributors, and consumers. Our innovative solutions streamline operations, enhance traceability, and foster sustainability. Join us as we strengthen the organic supply chain, promote transparency, and ensure the highest quality standards, paving the way for a connected, efficient, and empowered organic industry.

  • Together, we shape a thriving future for organic agriculture and its positive impact on our environment.
  • With Organic Ledger, the organic industry is poised to continue to grow and thrive in the years to come.
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Organic Ledger is a complete solution for all your needs

Organic Ledger is a blockchain-powered agritech solution that provides traceability, transparency, and trust in the agricultural supply chain. We offer a suite of services, including an agri ERP system, a blockchain-powered marketplace, satellite mapping, advisory services, data analytics, and customer connection. Our Kisan Ledger app helps farmers maximize per-acre value, promote regenerative agricultural practices, and reduce their carbon footprint.

"If you are an Organic farmer/FPO/FPC, Carbon Projects by Organic Ledger supports you in adopting practices that are good for your farm – and helps you get paid for the carbon credits you generate."

Blockchain for Traceability & Trust

Organic Ledger uses cutting edge Blockchain technology to provide traceability and trust in the organic food supply chain.

B2B Marketplace

Our client network can now trade in traceable and authentic Organic products

Agri Input Marketplace

Launching very soon our consumer e marketplace for traceable and authentic Organic products.

Satellite Monitoring

Accurate Satellite monitoring to ensure increased farm productivity.

Data Analytics

Utilise the customised data analytics to improve food production and supply chain management.


Digitise the business process with ERP for better efficiency.

Multilingual Support

Launching our services in several Indian languages. To Kisan Ledger is available in 6 Indian Languages

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Our Network of Reliable Supporters

Celebrating our Global Recognition

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Empowering Organic agriculture through Blockchain Technology while promoting traceability, transparency, and trust.

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