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The ‘farm to fork’ story of the product builds trust and greater engagement among consumers. Validity to product claims and traceable products helps your business to achieve product premiums in the market. Each participant in the supply chain can be incentivised to provide critical and accurate data thereby reducing inefficiencies and meeting consumer driven transparency and sustainability goals.

You can connect the serials to the batch information in order to

  • Create a digital twin of your physical products.
  • Provide end-to-end traceability information.
  • Establish conversation,and collect valuable information about your consumers.

Organic Ledger is a complete solution for all your needs

In the sea of producers, all ‘claiming’ Natural, Organic, Healthy options – genuine products are often lost. Great products need to differentiate themselves from the pack and source tracing is the future-ready solution! The information on the package is not enough to enforce the trust in the eyes of consumers, regulators and exporters.
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Making Track and Trace Easy with Blockchain

Not everyone is tech-savvy in the Organic food industry. The role of Organic Legder technology is to make processes and systems more efficient and easy to operate – not complicate it further. We designed Farm to Plate’s Track and Trace module keeping that in mind.

Comprehensible Dashboard

The easy to understand dashboard gives an overview of the transactions and events associated with a product. There is no need to maneuver through sections to figure out status and retrieve high level information.

Simpler Onboarding

Unlike traditional systems, onboarding organization members, suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders is simple and secured. Adding new participants and organizations is as simple as sending an email invite to join.

Real Time Supply Chain

With Organic Ledger, there are supply chain events and transactions that can be mapped in real-time, including capturing process mapping, process requests, details on processes. The platform also alerts updates of product journey, storage, processing, packaging real-time through notifications

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